Orlando Williams

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Orlando, an Oregon native, is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Equity Officer of Motus Recruiting, one of the top job placement firms in the metro area. 


The former Harlem Globetrotter and a Trail Blazers pregame and post game show co-host and game analyst, brings his wealth of knowledge to our council. His passion is to enable and empower leadership and companies to thrive and excel through the power of diverse representation.


Anahita Crawford

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Having migrated to the U.S. at a young age, Anahita knows first hand what it feels like to be an outsider. She is thankful for her experiences as it has led to her fulfilling her purpose and career in DEI.

She brings her expertise in Operations Supply Chain, Lean management, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, strategy creation and implementation, Employee network/resource optimization and training development.


Joy Fowler

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Joy has an extensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion experience within the banking and transport industries.

She takes pride in creating a strong diversity strategy and programming while shaping organizational cultures, building community and strengthening relationships. 


She brings a wealth of DEI knowledge and skill in strategy development, analysis, coaching and inspiring others. Joy also serves as the President and Co-Founder of

A MIRacle Foundation, Inc.